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Brahmsatra – Gurukul Rajkot

Religion, knowledge, dispassion and devotion these four are the means of emancipation. The saints and Rushis are continuously performing a devotional Brahmasatra in Naimisharanya to fructify it. Sadguru Shree Shashtriji Maharaj started the Bhahmsatra in Rajkot Gurukul to revive the tradition of Indian culture and for setting forth the God-seekers on the path of liberation. A 43rd devotional Brahmsatra was conducted from 23rd Aug to 28th Aug, 2005 in this holy tradition.
Devotional songs of ‘Hari Smruti’ were sung daily during morning time. A spiritual knowledge was imparted in first session after performing Arti and Dhoon. In second session the discourses of ‘Harililamrut Katha’ and ‘Nishkulanand Kavya’ was conducted with spiritual fervour. After that the inspirational speeches on various topics were delivered by reputed saints. During noontime, in 3rd session, the devotees avail the opportunity of listening the ‘Harililamrut Katha’ and video show of Sadguru Shree Shastriji Maharaj’s honeyed words.
Lastly, during evening session a variety of cultural and inspirational programmes were presented, in which the junior saints have narrated in brief the relevant religious stories on 24th August. On 25th Aug the alumni and famous comic spokesman Shree Sairam Dave amused devotees a lot. On 25th Aug a glimpse of body language and feelings of 43 senior and highly spirited devotees were carried out. A nice programme of religious Antakshari was also conducted on that day. On 27th Aug, the day of Janmashtami, with various skits and dance, the programme of ‘Krishna Janam’ was celebrated in highly blissful mood and environment. A beautiful swing was prepared on this occasion.
Sadguru Purani Shree Dharmvallabhdasji Swami imparted the knowledge of various subjects during spiritual session and delivered a nice speech on Nishkulanand Kavya. Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji Swami conducted an emotional-cum-spiritual discourse on the topic of ‘Dada Khachar No Vivah’(marriage of Dada Khachar) . shastri Shree Haripriyadasji Swami narrated the events of Harililamrut. In addition Sadguru Purani Shree Gyanswaupdasji Swami and other saints conducted the relevant topics.
Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami explained nicely the importance of scriptures and saints of the Sampraday. Sadgu Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami showered the blessings and inspired the seekers to strengthen the qualitative symptoms of devotees.
26th Aug, was a blood donation camp in which 60 bottles of blood was donated on that day.
On 27th morning, the auspicious day of Janmashtami the performers availed the opportunity of 1008 group Mahapooja.
In the noontime of 27th Aug, a programme of ‘Mahila Manch’ was arranged in the holy presence of ‘Sankhyayogies’, in which various cultural programmes were conducted with inspirational speeches.
The release of new calendar was performed.
The most significant event of Brahmasatra was that more than one hundred devotees had taken the vow of writing and/or chanting one crore to three and half crore Mantra. Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swami offered them notebooks and Jap-mala along with blessings and also expressed his pleasure on them. Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swami was coming daily to dais to bestow the holy darshan and blessings. The sincere devotees took an active participation in the project of renovation of Prayer Hall and Yagna-shala of Rajkot Gurukul and received blessing of saints.
In this Brahmasatra the devotees of various districts of Gujarat and cities of this country avail the opportunity of participation and expressed their pleasurable feelings of satisfaction.
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