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It is very much necessary for an overall development of student that they should have the knowledge of modern technology, along with higher studies they should have courageous nature, attraction for their own culture, feeling of pride and interest towards beauty of nature. Special programmes are arranged to develop these qualities in the students of SGVP.
Courage and fearlessness are required to reach at the goal by facing the challenges of life’s problems and hurdles. An adventurous tour of Kullu and Manali for Std. 8 & 9 was arranged from 20th to 27th August ’05 to coach the children of Gurukul, in which the training of trekking, repelling, rope-gliding, mountaineering, Ice skating, river crossing, etc were given to them. 126 students had taken various training under the guidance of saints and trainers. Students also visited Vashistha Kund of hot water, Hedamba Temple, Rohtang along with Jogani falls and rivers Madhi, Kothi, Bhrugu and Biyas and took bath in very cold water. The parents expressed their great pleasure and satisfaction by seeing in their kids feeling of cooperation and fearlessness for attaining the goal.
Words from the heart of the students: A step towards the Goal where obstacles show the graph of progress! 
The SGVP had organized a tour of Ajanta-Ellora for the kids of 5th, 6th & 7th from 22nd to 27th August 2005 to impart in them the knowledge of Indian Culture and heritage. In this tour 196 students had been taught the importance of historical events and monuments. They visited the historical caves of Ajanta-Ellora along with fort of Dolatabad, Pan-chhakki, Bibi’s Makabara, paintings and sculptures of Buddha & Jain era. The knowledge and importance of ancient Indian culture was inculcated in their mind. Children are also inclined towards our cultural heritage because of this tour.
‘A visit of golden past for bright future on the base of supportive present!’
179 students from KG to std. 4 visited the Tirupati farm at Visnagar on 29 August 2005 and enjoyed boating, swimming, various sports and natural sites.
We get many things to learn from nature. Keeping this in view a tour of astonishing locations of Mt. Abu was arranged for Std. 10 on 3rd – 4th of September 2005, to enjoy natural beauty and climate ambiances of mountain, river, forest, ponds. Along with saints 46 students visited important places like Jain temples of Delwada, Guru Shikhar, Toad rock, Sunset point, boating in Nakki Lake and experienced the joy of natural beauty.
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