Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam

Operated By Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sarvajiva Hitavah Trust

Gyansatra ( 06 to 11 Aug – 2003)

On Wednesday, 6th Aug, first part of Gyansatra began at Sahajanand bunglows, the residence of Yajmans. Shree Gopalbhai, Shree Mohanbhai, Shree Hasmukhbhaibhai, Shree Rajubhai, Shree Karashanbhai Mavajibhai Patel Family, A.N. Shree Mulajibhai Patolia (by Shree Rajubahi M. Patolis, Shree Odhavajibhai Jadavjibhai Patel, Shree Rameshbhai Asondaria, Shree Ashwinbhai Shiroya, Shree Hasmukhbhai Patadiya, Shree Prafulbhai Kachhadia, Shree Rasikbhai (Nilkanth Medical), Shree Viththalbhai Padhara, Shree Devachandbhai, Shree Dhirubhai Savalia, Shree Jerambhai Savaia, Shree Shantibhai Dhanani, Shree Mahendrabhai, Ravi Computers and all members of Sahajanad Bungalows, who had the great opportunity to sponsor Gyansatra. Saints worshipped the holy Pothi of ‘Satsangi Jivan’.  The Haribhaktas gave a warm welcome to all the saints & honored them with garlands. Saints blessed the Yajman’s Family members.
Saints along with the ‘Pothi’ and Haribhaktas arrived to the residence of  Shree Odhavjibhai Patel. Once again the Pothi was worshipped amidst recitation of Shree Narayana Sukta. From here the first leg of Pothi Yatra procession of began.
The grand procession, consisting of 5 chariots where in the saints were seated also had elephant & horses along with Bands & traditional musical instruments. Haribhaktas who were part of the procession were fully immersed in Kirtan & Dhoon. After 2 hours the procession entered Gurukul. The Rathyatra was given a warn welcome.
Yajmans of Gyansatra worshipped ‘Pothi’ and orator, in the Holy presence of Brahmanistha Shree Jogi Swamiji, thus marking the auspicious beginning of the Gyansatra. Vedic chants from all the four Vedas were recited by Pandits. 
In the first session Mahatmya-importance of  ‘Satsangi Jivan’ was narrated by Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji. In the end Pujya Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji blessed the gathering of Haribhaktas.
Thursday, 7th Aug 2003, 2nd day of Gyansatra, Pujya Swami Shree Krishnapriyadsji delivered a discourse of Janmotsav. Pujya Swami Shree Devprasaddasji spoke on Vachnamrut which was fully thought provoking to the devotees.
In the evening Pujya Swami Madhavjivandasji narrated the childhood incidents of Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj. Pujya Nandkishore Swamiji spoke on the incidences of Saints & devotees. Pujya Narayanprasad Swamiji enthralled the Haribhakta with his inspirational speech.
In night, Gurukul students who themselves are musicians organised a melodious kirtan-bhakti. Pujya Balkrishnadasji Swami and Pujya Devprasaddasji Swami released a new cassette and CD named ‘Insaniyat’ Sung by our student Shree Vinod Patel.
On the third day of the Gyansatra in addition to kirtan-bhakti during 2:45pm to 3:45pm and discourses, following were the specie of the day.
In the afternoon, Sdg. Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and Sdg. Purani Shree Gyanswarupdasji Swami were given a warm and hearty welcome by saints and Haribhaktas.
During 9:00pm to 11:30pm, various ‘Rass’ like ‘Katchchhi Raas’, ‘Sorthi Raas’, ‘Gujarati Raas’, ‘Paramhans Raas’ etc.. were performed as a part of  ‘THAKER THALI’.
In the divine presence of  Brahmnistha Shree Jogi Swami, Sdg. Purani Shree Shreeharidasji Swami, Sdg. Purani Shree Devprasaddasji Swami    and Sdg. Purani Shree Dharmavallabhswami    were  honoured on the eve of attaining honourable title of  ‘SADGURU’  in the end Thaker-thali’ prasad was distributed by elder saints  to all Haribhaktas. The event was certainly one of the most memorable.
4th day of Gyansatra. In the morning Dental Camp was conducted which benefited more than 50 patients.
In the night, students of Ahmedabad Gurukul presented series of patriotic and cultural programs like Drama, Raas and Pyramid.  The programs were inspiring and adventures in nature.
5th day of Gyansatra, morning session was full of events related to social services. A Blood Camp was conducted where in saints also donated blood resulting in the collection 215 numbers of bottles which shall be used for life saving purpose.
An Eye Camp was organised in which 86 patients were treated. An Ayurvedic camp was also held which benefited over 50 patients. On every Sunday in the afternoon Ayurvedic Clinic is open for Ayurvedic Treatments at Gurukul Ahmedabad.
In the evening, the students of English medium school and Sanskrit Mahavidyala from SGVP-Chharodi presented a series of programmes like Sanskrit Antakshari, ‘Swami ni Vato’ in eight languages and patriotic programmes.
A mesmerising magic show was also presented by 6th standard student, Patel Gaurav, who held the audience spell bound for more than one and a half hours. Patel Gaurav performs magic shows only for charity hence deserves appreciation from all.
On the day of ‘Purnahuti’ – 11th Aug, Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji narrated  the Katha. In the end, Poojan of Thakorji was performed with Janmangal and Tulsipatra. All Devotees had Bhojan Prasad.
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