Dhanur Maas 2018-19

Dhanur Maas, a month for spiritual discourses and social activities, was accomplished with many beneficent activities at SGVP and all branch Gurukuls.
Beside the discourses on Vachanamrut and Charitra Katha, Rajopachar of Shree Ram-Shyam-Ghanshyam Maharaj at SGVP, group Mahapooja, Falkut & fruit distribution at hospital, blanket distribution, visit of old age home, underprivileged child centre, educational help in school of rural area were carried out by Gurukul students.

Dhanur Maas, 2014

Dhanur Maas, one of the auspicious months ending on day of Makar Sankranti bears the importance of reading & listening of Katha along with religious and social activities.

Gurukul also celebrated the Dhanur Maas with various religious, social activities inculcating values of humanity in the budding minds of students.
Religious events : 

Dhanur Maas, 2012

Dhanur Mas, a month favored to acquire the knowledge and wisdom in Indian tradition. This was the time when Bhagwan Shree Krishna and Balramji learned 64 Vidyas in the Gurukul of Rishi Sandipani. The scriptures are the very source of knowledge and wisdom for the welfare of all living beings in universe.For the listening of scriptures and to spread the helping hand with the celebrations of various events, this Dhanur Mas is especially recommended by scriptures.


“Dhanurmas” is celebrated to commemorate the event of Bhagawan Shree Krishna and Balram’s stayed in Rishi Sandipani’s Ashram for learning 64 Vidya of life. Thus, this holy month is religiously known to acquire the knowledge and wisdom. The very source of it is our Indian scriptures. Moreover, in Indian culture all holy events are associated with the ritual of donation, to help the needy or social welfare activities.