Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam

Operated By Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sarvajiva Hitavah Trust

Animal Welfare

The Vedas proclaim “Let welfare be to biped and the quadruped.” Following the preaching of the Vedas, Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul maintains Gaushalas in almost all its branches. During the heavy draught in Saurashtra, the Gurukul had organised a Cattle-camp at Chharodi. Here more than 1000 cows and bulls were sheltered with proper food, water and medical care. It was started in the month of November 2000. It was continued for a period of eight months.

Medical camps for domestic cattle

It is regularly ongoing series of Medical camps for domestic animals. Till the day on hundreds such medical cattle camps thousands of cattle are treated in needy and far rural areas. Team of expert and dedicated veterinary doctors render services for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of animals. 

To preserve the valuable farming and domestic animals, cattle camps held for the animals mainly of cow race during the shortage of rain fall or scarcity of cattle food & fodder. Cattles from affected areas are brought and provided food, water and medical treatments till the days of enough hay & water with their owners.

Gau-Shala (Cow shad) & Gau Poojan

In the well equipped cow sheds in all branches of Gurukul, cows are served well as per the ancient Gurukul traditions along with modern scientific aid. Best fodder, hay and nutritious food keep cows and calves well nourished. Products from Caw shed are utilized for students and medicine purposes. A devotional touch to the service of Cow results in pious and pure atmosphere and healthy surroundings.  Regular medical checkup is done by the veterinary doctors. Vaccination is also done as per the requirement.

Appropriate and utmost care of cows, calves and bulls keep them perfect to win the state and national level animal competitions with front most rankings. Every year animals of Gurukul cow sheds win the various titles in state and national level competitions in animal fairs.

Throughout the year during many religious and social events and on special days Poojan of cows held with Vedic recitations and rituals. People get privilege to follow traditions of Gau-Gras, Gau-Poojan, Gau-Seva as routine religious events.

Gau-Awareness Programmes

Cows and cow-race, the base of ancient Indian self-sustained economic system, are still equally beneficial for the society through many aspects. Healthy Food, productive medicine, clean atmosphere, pure ambiance, natural antibiotics are the few scientifically approved benefits gained from cows. The awareness and knowledge towards such magnificent beneficial aspects can solve many routine ills of family and society. For such social awareness and to get the batter views to serve the cows and cow race events like Gau-Sammelan, Gau-Gram Yatra, camps, seminars are also held time to time in the presence of renowned personalities of this field.

Bull production centre

As a central government recognized center of bull production, Gurukul facilitates for the breeding of best bulls of original Gir race. Best bulls are provided in plenty of cow-sheds across the country. This Contributes in the healthy and best generations of original Indian cow family.