Upakarma (Rakshabandhan) - Chharodi, 2003

On the eve of ‘Shravani Poonam’ Rakshabandhan was celebrated in a traditional way on Tuesday the 12th Aug, 2003. At Gurukul Chharodi, for the Brahmakumars of Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, it was the day of significant importance for changing to new Sacred Thread (Yagnopavitam). Hence ‘Upakarma Yajna’ was performed at ‘Yajnashala’.
The program began with Rishi Poojan and was followed by Yajna, Atonement process (Prayaschitta) and Dashavidhi-snan (Holy Bath) after which new Yagnopavitam was worn by the Brahmakumars under the guidance of Vedic Pandits. Pujya Swami Balkrishnadasji graced the occasion by tying Rakshasutra(Holy Thread) to all the brahmakumars with Blessings.
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