Udghatan Mahotsav - Gurukul Mumbai, 2004

About 100 years ago, under the dignified guidance of Sdg. Shree Balmukunddasji Swami, Shree Swaminarayan temple was constructed in Bhuleshwar area (Mumbai) Satsang was started which further conferred analogous motivation of Sdg. Shashtriji Maharaj Shree Dharmajivandasji Swami.
On persistent plea from Shree Devendrabhai Sheth and others devotees, the saints approved to inhabit and foster ‘Satsang’ for the reinvigoration of the community. The saints dwelled at Sector-14 of Vashi since 1994, V.S. 2050 Rathayatra – the birth anniversary day of Shree Shastriji Maharaj progressing ‘Satsang’, thus commencing the augmentation.
Various proceedings of incessant Dhoon, Mantra-lekhan, Mahapooja, monthly assemblies, Satsang-Katha, festivals, celebrations, Shibir, etc. were consequently organised. Pujya Narayanprasaddasji Swami, Pujya Dharmavallabhdasji Swami visited often and supplemented vivacity thus nourishing the Satsang.
On 1st April, 2001 Brahmnishtha Param Pujya Shree Jogi Swamiji laid the foundation stone for Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sanskar Kendra at sector-29 – New Mumbai. Purani Shree Krishnaswarupdasji Swami, other saints and devotees started to assist with health, wealth and intellect. Consequently a new complex of 900 sq. meters was erected which comprised of basement, prayer hall, saint residency & boarding facility for students.
On the conclusion of civil work of this complex, a grand celebration was held from 29 Nov to 05 Dec, 2004 i.e. Samvat 2061 Kartik Vad 3rd to 8th. ‘Shrimad Bhagavat katha’ was recited.  The host of the katha were Shree Harendrabhai Veni and his family and the host for the Mahotsav was Shree Chandrakantbhai Ravjibhai Patel who had constructed the building without levying any labour charges. Co-host for the same was Shree Yogeshbhai Harishbhai Shah.
Shree D.K.Shah was the host of ‘Chaturved Parayan’ which had started on the dawn of 29th February. Learned students from Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Ved Vigyan University – Allahabad chanted the Veda Richas.
‘Pothi Yatra’ had been flagged from the residence of Shree Devendra Sheth on the first day at 03:30 pm. Purani Shree Madhavjivandasji Swami narrated the ‘Katha’ followed by Purani Shree Krishnapriyadasji Swami in the second session. On the 2nd day Sdg. Purani Shree Devpradasdasji conveyed his speech to all present to augment the occasion.
Mahila-manch assembly was held in the noon from 1:00 P.M to 03:30 P.M. which comprised of an enthralling performance by the Radhika Mahila Mandal from Panvel. The Sankhya Yogies addressed the assembly meanwhile.
During the festival daily there was incessant Dhoon from 09:00 to 12:00 noon.
On the 3rd days, 1st Dec, 04 Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji blessed the devotees who had been instrumental to the success of the aspiration.
 Devotees participated in ‘Mahavishnu Yag’ performed Deh-Shuddhi on the 4th day at 03:00 Sdg. Shashtri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, who had just arrived from London narrated the katha of Krishna-janmotsav and devotees basked during “Nand Gher Anand Bhayo” song. In the evening the students of Gurukul Surat presented Raas and the play of ‘Devotee Dhruv’. One and all present enjoyed the Kirtan-bhakti performed by Shree Rajendra Pala.
On the 5th day of 3rd December, pious Agni for Mahavishnuyag was ignited by the process of Arani-manthan in the breathtaking yagna-shala having 33 kunds. Agni was installed in the Yajnashala main Kund by Sdg. Mahant Swami and Sdg. Shree Shastri Swami. Both the revered saints bestowed blessings to the hosts of Mahavishnu-yag. Hosts started the yajan-vidhi as directed by learned Brahmins.
In the afternoon Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami delivered an overwhelming speech on 44th Vachanamrutam of Gadhada 1st chapter. At evening Govardhan Leela and Annakut festival was celebrated. The President of Maharashtra Congress as well as the speaker Shree Arunbhai Gujarati and other dignitaries were honoured. At this time a set of Bhagavat VCDs of Sdg. Shree Gyanswarupdasji, a set of 15 VCDs ‘Mahasagar na Moti’ of Sdg. Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami and Vachanmrut VCDs of Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji were unveiled.
On the 6th day at 03:45pm Nagar-yatra the procession of Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj was taken to the streets. 50 Saints from Gurukul and allied branches were seated in the Chariots with Kutchhi and other youths dancing in their traditional dresses. A band of girls followed the procession with ‘Kalash’. As a part of Pratishtha-vidhi, Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj spent the night at the residence of Shree R.K. Patel in the bed of flowers, grains & water.
On the day of Pratishtha i.e. 05 the Dec, 04 early in the morning a warm welcome was given to  P.P.D.D. Maharajshree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj, Vadtal.
After the ceremony of pratishtha, Maharajshree and saints performed Abhishek of Ghanashyam Maharaj, Shree Laxminarayandev and Shree Radhakrishnadev with Panchamrut, Kesar-jal, different fruits juices, sacred water from holy rivers and oceans. Two big screens were instilled for the devotees to view the divine Darshan live.
A marvellous & delicious Annakut was offered and P.P.D.D. Maharajshree, Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji, Pujya Shree Mahant Swami, Pujya Shree Shastri Swami performed the first pratishtha arati. It was indeed a memorable Darshan in the history of Gurukul. In his speech, Pujya Madhavpriyadasji Swami explained the importance of divine form of Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj. He also blessed & honoured the instrumentals who had donated generously for the holy activities to promote Satsang.
Pratishtha Arati was followed by an overcrowded assembly. Maharajshree blessed all saints participated in the development of this centre. Pujya Kothari Swami Shree  Harijivandasji Swami, Pujya Bhandari Swami Shree Hariprasaddasji Swami, Sdg. Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami and other saints performed the poojan of Maharajshree. Devotees also had the poojan of Maharajshree.
In the end P.P.D.D. Maharajshree Rakeshprasaddasji Maharaj blessed all devotees. After the aarti and poojan Maharajshree arrived at the Yagna-shala and offered ‘Bidu’ (last aahuti in the Yagna).
Thus, all saints and devotees experienced one of the most memorable Mahotsavs.
There will be monthly assembly on the second Sunday of the month at 05:30 P.M at Vashi-New Mumbai. All the Gurukul family members are cordially invited. There will be Kirtans, Satsang, Raas and Sampraday-education. All devotees are requested to make utmost utilization of the same.
First meeting would be organised on the 2nd of Jan. 2005, Sunday at 05:30 P.M under the auspices of of Pujyapad Shree Jogi Swamiji.
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