Swaminarayan International Tour - II Gurukul Hyderabad (13 to 23 Sep.-2005)

Once again Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Hyderabad has organised Swaminarayan International Tour-II to UK & DUBAI lasting for 10 days during 13th Sep, to 23rd Sep, 2005.
13th September
With blessings of saints and compliments of well wishers 17 students departed from Hyderabad early in the morning for London – UK under the encoding of Shree Rajnibhai Gajera. Saints on Satsang Yatra and local devotees welcomed them warmly.
14th September
Having Darshan at SKSST (Shree Katchh Swaminarayan Satsang Temple) Harrow temple and blessing of Sadguru Shree Devprasaddasji Swami, students started for countryside trip of UK for two days. First step was the world famous Oxford University at Oxford city. This place is also of religious importance for Swaminarayan Sampraday as the holy Shikshapatri which Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan himself gave to Sir Malcolm has been preserved respectfully here. Famous Britain City Museum as well visited.
Second step was the trip of historic city York on mini train. They visited world’s largest Railway museum. The museum contains history of the evolution of railways starting from its beginning in 1853 to date. Students paid visit to New Castle – a city full of architectural wonders, bow shaped Millennium Bridge and British Art Center Library and stayed at Gurudwara, Darlington.
15th September
The day granted for leisure time. Students spent the day at Alton Tower - Europe’s most famous theme park spread over in 500 acres full of incredible enjoyable rides, various merry-go-rounds and fastest roller coasters. Students enjoyed varied and amazing rides widely and arrived at London for night halt.
16th September
London – a well developed and multicultural city of the world. People from almost all parts of the world dwell with their tradition and culture. London is very famous for its 150ft deep underground train network. Underground travelling was an amazing experience for the students.
They visited Madam Tussaud’s Wax museum - a large collection of wax statues of world famous personalities followed by the Oxford Street – busiest shopping street of the city. They felt one more astound at Swiss Cottage station when they visited a showroom of luxurious dream cars. Lastly, students went for Swaminarayan Hindu Temple of BAPS (Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sansthan) at Neasden.
17th September:
The tourism was started with the visit of Buckingham palace – the resident of Queen Elizabeth II, the present queen. The other places were House of Lords - Parliament house, Scotland Yard Police’s old headquarter - one of worlds best crime investigation bureau, the defence headquarter, house of Mr. Tony Blair - current prime minister of England, 500 years old Westminster Abbey cathedral - an elevating experience and the Trafalgar square - the heart of London. Each landmark achievements of London and different occasions of all communities are always celebrated at Trafalgar square.
Next place they visited was the National Museum Gallery which includes Britain’s complete History.  Then they travelled through DLR (Docklands Light Railways - a driverless train) for the Tower Gateway Station (GMT station) at Cutty Sark.  Here there is small hill and a line is marked on earth exactly from where the Greenwich line passes. This is significant place for the geographers and astrologers as it is the point from where the 0 degree Longitude line passes which is also known as timeline. Just near the GMT the Marine Museum is located. This museum contains history and models of various old and new ships. They also show the ancient ships by which America was discovered. There were ships which were as old as 1869. Students visualized history in original form.
18th September
Today they started their journey by train at 9:00am from Kingsbury station. They arrived at Tower Hill station at 10:00am. Here they visited Tower Gate Museum. The original building has about 600 hundred years of rich history. The museum has different sections. One of the most interesting one is the Jewellery museum. This museum displays all the royal jewelleries which are used at the time of giving throne to the king. The students were very excited as the museum also contained the Kohinoor diamond. Besides the Kohinoor there were lots of other diamonds. Some of them were even bigger than the Kohinoor. The queens golden shawl was also there. The Tower Bridge is located just outside of the Tower Gate museum which is icon of London.
Next step was South Kensington for Natural History museum and the Science Museum which shows the evolution history of steam engines, diesel engines etc. along with other sections like psychology tests, space launch station etc. Students enjoyed ‘Mystic India’ movie in IMAX Theatre which comprises the story of Lord Swaminarayan during His pilgrimage from Ayodhya to meeting Ramanand Swami at Piplana.
19th September:
London Eye is the biggest Ferris wheel over 100 mts in height. From the top of it, one can see entire city. After pleasure ride of it, students enjoyed ferry ride in river Thames and guide explained about historic buildings situated on the banks of river. At evening they started for Dubai.
20th September:
At 8:00 am in the morning the tourist reached Dubai - a sophisticated society with an international lifestyle yet with a culture deeply rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arabia. At late evening they experienced Desert Safari on sand dunes. A brief stop for a breathtaking view of the endless desert gives an opportunity to watch the sun set over this tranquil solitude.
21st & 22nd September
In Dubai sight seeing First they visited...
  • The Emirates Towers known as World Trade Centre - tallest center of Dubai.
  • The Burj Al Arab hotel - the tallest hotel building in the world (height: 321 meters) with tallest helipad (height: 180 meters) . Under the hotel there is a glass tunnel to see the adjoining sea life.
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel famous for its award winning design. The hotel is covered with the mirror effect glasses and it is shaped like a rising wave.
  • Jumairah Mosque - the largest and most beautiful mosque. It is a spectacular example of modern Islamic architecture and is built of stone in medieval Fatimid tradition, the mosque is a city landmark in Dubai. It is particularly attractive at night when subtle lighting throws it artistry into relief.
  • Black Palace , Dubai College, Media City known as the heart of Dubai and a Ski Ice Stadium, Mall of Emirates.
  • Gold Souk Market – widen over in radius of 1 km. trading nothing but gold.
  • Palace of Dubai King - Shaik mohammad, Saw spice market, Twins Tower (Emirate Towers), Dubai Infant School, The Indian High School - UAE Best school, Sharjah city centre, Saudi Mosque - by Saudi king.
  • Boat ride in the sea

23rd September

At noon students visited shopping mall area - Dubai city center

At 11:00 pm started for India and reached in early morning 04:00 am

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