Sport Week, Upavit Sanskar & other activities - SGVP ( 5 to 17 Dec.-2005)

The long-awaited day of Annual Sports arrived on 5th Dec’05 with frosty breeze of winter. A sense of excitement was in the air and everyone was looking very active and cheerful. Inauguration ceremony was held at 11.00 am and the guest of honour Shree Shankarbhai addressed the audience after unfurling of flag. A march past of contestants attracted the attention of all which was followed by the oath ceremony.

Individual participants and contestants of team game flexed their muscles for doing practice. Participants of each grade from std. 1 to std. IX prepared themselves to perform five rounds (3 Individual & 2 game events).

All participants participated actively to carry out practices from 5th to 7th Dec ’05. Preliminary competitions for individual and team game matches were held from 8th to 9th Dec’05. On 10th Dec’05 final rounds were performed.

Red house was the champion, and received the “SGVP ANNUAL SPORT RUNNING TROPHY” given by Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami. The closing ceremony was held at 4.30 pm and Swamiji delivered the inspirational speech.

09 Dec., 2005

It is a mater of surprise that an English Medium School of International Standard has celebrated the Gujarati Day. On 9th Dec.’05 a grand celebration of Gujarati Day was held at SGVP.

Students have presented a song ‘Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat’ and dressed themselves to pose as Zaverchand Meghani, Poet Kalapi, Narsi Mehta, Narmad, Dalpatram, Gandhiji etc. sEducators have presented a skit that explained the significance of Gujarati language. Some students, right from K.G. to Std. 10, celebrated the Gujarati Day by singing songs and playing skit.

Editor Shree Ramesh Tanna (Gujarat Samachar, US), comic writer Shree Harshad Pandya (Sandesh – Newspaper) and other invited guests like Shree J.B. Solanki, Shree Jagdishbhai Bhatt explained the importance of Gujarati language.

The Principal Shree Caesar D’silva and C.E.O. Shree Shankarbhai Patel asked the students to learn other languages by keeping intact the culture of Gujarat.

Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami told while showering his blessings that child gets a good nurturance of culture by mother-tongue. Finally the programme was concluded with tunes, beats and Raas

10 Dec., 2005

The noontime of 10th Dec.’05 brought in the SGVP a wave of divinity when two saints of high spiritual caliber addressed the staff members of SGVP to guide them for moral goodness. The saint who graced the occasion by his presence explained the vision of Veda. As per his explanation, each human being is a medium in the form of knowledge to know the self and supreme power. In his oratory he explained the four divisions of caste in Indian society.

Brahmin is having a natural disposition to learn and teach others. Likewise Kshatriya is an inborn ruler because velour is predominant in them. The temperament of Vaishya is to earn money and harvesting to nourish the society. Shudras are assisting them because of their innate nature of service. If we devote Sattva, Rajas and Tamas by the letters A, B and C, then four possible sets can be formed. One is ABC, second BAC, third BCA and forth CBA and each set represents a section of society in the order of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.

This division is based on psychological disposition. The social fabric of Indian Society is made according to the above-mentioned caste system that keeps perfect social equilibrium. Swamiji elucidated the matter by the help of Puranic stories. The rest of his speech was in a more light-hearted vein.

11-12 Dec., 2005

In Hindu traditions 16 sanskars are to be performed for human beings.  In many of them Vedic ritual and pious places are of much importance.

Shree Mayurbhai Mirani from US came to SGVP to perform the ritual of Upavit-sanskar (to take Janoi - Upavit) for his sons Parth & Devak. On this auspicious occasion, he also took the benefit to perform Abhishek and Annakut for Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj.

On 11 Dec. a Jal-yatra was carried out to the worship the Naramada-jal for Abhishek.

On 12 Dec. in the early morning Mahapoojan and Abhishek were performed with Panchamrut, Kesar-Jal, fruit-juices and various medicinal herbal liquids. It was followed by the delicious Annkut.

The ritual of Upavit-sanskar was carried out by the learned Pandits from Sanskrit Mahavidya of SGVP. Holy atmosphere was full of Vedic recitations. Mirani family and guests were highly impressed and satisfied by the ritual performed by learned Pandits.

11 Dec., 2005

On the auspicious day of Geeta Jayanti Pandits & Rushikumras of Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalay performed Geeta-yag in the Yagna-shala.

Moreover they chanted 51 recitations of Bhagawat Geeta.

Pujya Balkrishnadasji Swami blessed them and recommended them to do Shikhapatri & Geeta by heart for daily recitation.

11 Dec., 2005

Health is wealth. A healthy student only can acquire the real wealth of knowledge, prosperity and successes. To keep the students, staff, parents and workers healthy a free medical camp was organised at SGVP on 11 Dec. 2005. Well known doctors practicing in famous SAL Hospital extended their kind services in this camp.

10 specialist doctors of various medical branches served over 440 persons suggested for required medicines.

Pujya Balkrishnadasji Swami inaugurated the medical camp and blessed all doctors for services of society.

11 Dec. 2005

All India Karate Federation and Akhil Gujarat Karate Sangh affiliated with ITOSU – RXU DO had organized the SAURASHTRA ITOSU – RYU KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP - 2005 held at Sardar Patel Seva Bhavan, Junagadh on 11th December’05 among the 175 competitors.The enthusiastic students had taken part in competition and won six gold medals, four silver medals and six bronze medals.The efforts of expert coach of Karate and the technical director to prepare the students of SGVP for martial art brought success in the favour of SGVP.

12 -17 Dec., 2005

Students securing the first position in state level Sanskrit elocution competition will represent for state on national level competition. They will participate in eight subjects of Sanskrit literature viz. Nyan, Vedant, Vyakaran, Mimansa,, Dharmasastra, Sankhya-Yog, Sahitya & Jyotish.

For better presentation in National level, a training camp was organised by Darshanam Sanskrit Vidyalay, SGVP. These students will take part in national level competition at Darbhanga, Bihar.

14 Dec., 2005

Cleanliness is next to divinity. In fact, spirituality and progress develop in inner and outer cleanliness. With the intention to impart the value of cleanliness in self and surroundings in the students of SGVP a movement for ‘Cleanliness Drive’ was subjected.

The memorable day of 14th December brought on the faces of students a broad grin as they swore an oath to keep the campus of SGVP clean and green. When the sun of the noontime was about to move towards the West the students and staff members thronged to march on the tree-lined streets of SGVP with slogans written on the display boards. They also raised the awareness by practicing it practically.

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