Satsang Samaroh & 11,000 Mahapooja - Gurukul Surat

Under the banner of Shree Harikrishna Maharaj Mahotsav a Satsang Samaroh was celebrated at Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Ashwinikumar – Surat. In the holy presence of His Divine Grace Acharya Maharajshree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj and saints from various provinces of the Sampraday, Samaroh was celebrated from 29 March to 02 April, 2006 with many devotional and social events.
During March 29-31 a Bhaktachintamani Vyakhyam-mala was arranged.
Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Sadguru Shastri Shree Gyanjivandasji Swami (Karelibagh -Vadodara), and Pujya Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji    Swami
On April 01, a Suvarna-Tula was arranged. The devotees donated the gold for the ornaments  of  all Dev of Vadatal  Temple. The gold was weighted against an idol of Shree Harikrishna Maharaj.
242 bottles of blood was also donated by devotees and it was weighted against the HDG Maharajshree. A free eye-camp was held for the three days. 564 patients took the benefit of this eye-camp. Computes were also donated to schools with educational programmes and software.
Students from Gurukul Surat presented an inspirative stage  show of  ‘Bhakta Dhruv’ and a pleasantry show ‘Rustam bagh ni Mahenk’ getting Maharajshree, saints and audience of over 12000 devotees delighted.
One of the salient features of the forthcoming Shree Harikrishna Maharaj Mahotsav is to perform 51,000 group Mahapooja.
On April 02, group Mahapooja was arranged.
Over 11,000 devotees took the privilege of this group Mahapooja. HDG Maharajshree blessed the devotees taking part as Yajman in the 1008 kund Mahavishnu-yag in the forth coming grand Mahotsav.
Sadguru Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami, Sadguru Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, Pujya Nautamprakashdasji Swami (Vadatal), Pujya Gyanjivnadasji Swami (Kareli bagh, Vadodara), Pujya Ghanshyamprakashdasji Swami (Gurukul Kandari), Pujya Narayanprasaddasji Swami (Rampura, Surat), Pujya Suryaprakashdasji Swami  (Vadatal),  Pujya   Ramdasji Swami  (Vadatal),  Shastri  Shree Bhaktipriyadasji Swami (Ghela,Gadhapur), Pujya Dharmaviharidasji Swami, Pujya Swayamprakashdasji Swami, Pujya Hariprasaddasji Swami (Savar-kundala), Pujya Nilkanthcharandasji Swami (Kalakunj, Surat), Pujya Haripriyadasji Swami (Dabholi, Surat), Pujya Vishnuprakashdasji Swami (Kubernagar, Surat), Pujya Haripriyadasji Swami (Amroli), Pujya Vishwavallabhdasji Swami (Ashwinikumar, Surat) and other saints blessed the devotees with their holy presence and encouragement.
During the celebration, Mahila Manch was arranged daily during 03:00pm to 06:00pm in the holy presence of Honourable Gadiwala - Lady Acharyashree and Sakkhya-yogis. Inspiretive discourses and cultural programmes were presented in Mahila Manch. Honourable Gadiwala - Lady Acharyashree blessed all devotees of Mahila Manch.
Entire celebration was succeeded greatly under the guidance of Pujya Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami.
At Gurukul Surat, students of std. X & XII performed the Bhaktachintamani Yag and offered the Ahuties at each stanza with the recitation of entire Bhaktachintamani in its tune. Yag was held from 27 March, ’06 to 01 April, ’06. On the day of Putnahuti HDG Maharajshree Rakeshprasadji Maharaj and saints offered  the  last Ahuti  and  blessed the students for their devotional attitude.
At the same place, Mahila Manch also performed the Bhaktachintamani Yag from 02 April to 07 April, ’06.
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