Rakshabadhan - Gurukul Surat, Chharodi

On the day of Poornima of Shravan is known as Rakshabandhan - the holy festival in India. It is the day of fabulous tie of love and protection. Various religious programmes were arranged specially at Gurukul Surat and other branches of Gurukul.

108 Ved Parayan

On this auspicious day of Rakshabandhan at Gurukul Surat, Purascharan of Ved Parayan inaugurated in a very pious atmosphere. Under the inspiration and guidance of Sdg. Purani Shree Dharmvallabhdasji Swami purascharan of all four Vedas will be done within three years of spell and 108 parayan will be completed with religious mood. Ved-pathi Brahmins from north and south India will perform this Parayan. An alumnus of Gurukul Shree Shivlalbhai Nathabhai Pambhar is the host of this parayan. On the first day Pothi yatra had been held from Shivlalbhai’s home to the Gurukul.

Poojan with 3 crore Mantra

Thakoreji will be worshipped by three and half crores of Mantras. It is an event of great pleasure for Gurukul family that Shree Ghanashyam Maharaj and Shree Harikrishna Maharaj situated in Saint Ashram will be worshipped daily by 11 thousand Mantras with Tulasi leaves. Daily in the Morning from 8 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 7 pm there will be poojan along with chanting of  Shree Sarvamangal stotra and Shree Vishnusahasara-nam. This holy poojan will go for 10 years continuously.

Vedic Poojan

It is a great pleasure for devotees that everyday Vedic poojan of Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj will be held from 7 am to 8 am. This poojan will be conducted by Ved-brahmins with all Vedic Richas and rituals.


Under the guidance of Sdg. Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami Saints, devotees and school staff had joined hands to hand and prepared marvellous Hindola for Lord Ghanshyam Maharaj in the area of 50” X 21”. Swamiji had performed the first Arati. Students of Gurukul Surat have sponsored this wonderful hindola.

Change of Yajnopavit (Upakarma)

Poornima of Shravan month means the day to change the Yajnopavit. As per the rituals about 60 brahmins changed their holy Yajnopavitam. This was followed by delicious meal of Ladu and Dakshina.

Gurukul Chharodi

At SGVP Chharodi also all 100 Brahmin students of 'Sanskrit Pathashala' had a Yajna and then they changed their Yajnaopavit (Janoi). This ritual is known as ‘Upakarma’. Saints tied Raksha on the right wrist of the students with blessings.


While on 3rd day of month of Bhadrapada (Sept, 16)i.e. the day of Sam-shravani, Samvedi Brahmins change their Yajnopavitam. Shreeji Maharaj also belongs to Samved and hence saints of Sampraday have to change Yajnopavitam on this day. In Ved-shala at SGVP Chhaorodi, Pandit of Samved teaches Samdev to students. Saints, Samvedi students and Pandit of Ved-Shala performed a Yajna on the day of Sam-shavani in a Yajna-shala and replaced their Yajnopavitam according to Vedic rituals.

There was a mega holy thread (Rakhadi) tying procedure in international English school at SGVP Chharodi.
In all other branches of Gurukul the day of Rakshabhandhan was celebrated with great joy.
The day was full of ceremony and cheeriness.

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