Patriotic, Spiritual & other activities - Gurukul Surat ( 25 Jan. to 1 Feb.-2006)

On the eve of Republic Day (25 January’06) Annual Day function was celebrated during 09:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. Along with Sadguru Purani Shree Dharmavallabhadasji Swami, Dr. Zanzarukuiya (District education officer), Shree Hirabhai Patel (Secretary, Corporation), Shree Govindbhai Dholakiya (Ramkrishna Export), Shree Vinubhai Moradiya (Corporator), Shree Dhirubhai (Businessman), Shree Mansukhbhai Shekhada (Businessman) lit up the inauguration lamp.
Greeting of dignitaries was followed by welcome dance. Skating dance of KG student was an eye-catching stage show. Students also presented patriotic dance, gymnastics, marshal art, making pyramids and yoga-asanas that highly impressed the parents and others. The climax was the drama ‘Jo Jo Phul Karamai Na Jai’. Blend of comedy & tragedy scenes were strongly appealing to heart. It inspired the parents to nurture their wards in current flow of modern education.
Toppers were awarded by Pujya Swamiji and dignitaries. District education officer Dr. Zanzarukuiya addressed the assembly and said that Gurukul is one of the landmark institutions of Surat, not only as a spiritual center or worth watching place but in field of education too. Students are getting multiple trainings here.
Pujya Dharmavallabhdasji Swami blessed the students for their all-round presentation and inspired the parents for the development of their wards.
It was one of the aspirations of Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharmajivandasji Swami to implement the patriotism along with the moral values of Indian culture in new generations. This objective has been materialized at remarkable extent as some of the alumni are serving in Indian army with medals of bravery. In the same tradition just to spread the nationalism in all branches, Gurukul celebrates national festivals with great enthusiasm. In the morning of 57th Republic Day, all Gurukuls celebrated this event with a march past and drumbeats along with presentation of various patriotic programmes under the tricolour flag.
At Gurukul Surat, Shree Mathurbhai Savani (President, Saurastra Jaldhara trust) hoisted the flag. Saints, students, staff, invited dignitaries, devotees and parents offered salutations to the flag and sang national anthem.
Putting more stress on the awareness of nationalism in kids and youths, Sadguru Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami suggested that such national days must be celebrated in religious institutions too. Chief guest Shree Mathurbhai Savani said that national celebrations with saints of Gurukul set a good example in society. He also eulogized the services rendered by volunteers of Gurukul during the gathering of Patidar Samaj in parking and preparing 35 lacs Prasad packets. Shree Laljibhai Patel (President, Patidar Samaj) praised the services of Gurukul towards the nation.
Patriotic dance, inspirational stage-show on result of ‘embryo killing’ (Bhrun-hatya), rapid calculation with Vedic math and other eye-caching presentations made the celebration more effective.
Shree Devchandbhai Kakadia (BSB Export, Surat), Shree Haribhai Kathiriya (President, Lok-Samarpan blood bank, Surat), Dr. Kishorbhai Lakhani (Ex. Dy Meyar), Ashwinbhai Patel (President, Lions club), other dignitaries and parents were highly impressed with the Republic Day celebration.
1986, Gurukul was not yet started at Surat. Prof. Kher Saheb and Shree Tulasibhai Goti requested Pujya Shastriji Maharaj for saints to start a Satsang Mandal at zone with a name Ashwinikumar.  As per the Agnya of Shastriji Maharaj, Pujya Ghanshyamjivandasji Swami, Pujya Dharmavallabhdasji Swami and other saints came to Surat. They established the first Satsang Manadal on January, 28, 2006. Shree Laljibhai Baravaliya (Village -Tori) and other enthusiastic youths had put the responsibilities on their shoulders and today many other Satsang Mandals are actively progressing by the volunteers from this Ashwinikumar Satsang Mandal.
To celebrate the 20th year occasion Shakotsav, get-together, Satsang, donation camp, eye camp, felicitations, spiritual and social programmes were arranged on January 28, 2006.
At 04:30 pm Shobhayatra was followed by blood Donation camp and 61 bottles of blood was collected. 212 patients took the advantage of eye camp at 05:30 pm Sankhya-yogies from Surat addressed the assembly of women and honored the female corporate and devotees took the Prasad of Shakotsav.
In the male assembly Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami addressed and admired the volunteer activities of Ashwinikumar Satsang Mandal during mega celebrations of Gurukul. Corporators and Mayer Shree Kanubhai Mavani was honoured. Mr. Mavani also complimented the services of Gurukul towards society and nation. Thousands of devotees took the Prasad of Shakotsav.
A Satsang Mandal of Matavadi zone was started before18 years back and it is very actively engaged in Bhajan, volunteer services, spiritual & social services and various inspiring activities. Shree Kher Saheb, Shree Tulasibhai Goti, Shree Shamaji Bhagat, Shree Ashok Bhagat nurtured the Mandal very well. 15 seekers from this Mandal accepted the saintly way of living (saint-life).
Bhakta-Chintamani Vyakhyan-mala for three days and 1008 group Mahapooja were arranged to celebrate Annual Function. Bhakta-Chintamani Vyakhyan-mala was held during 27-29 January, 2006 and over 1400 devotees participated in group Mahapooja.
Pujya Dharmavallbhadasji Swami addressed the assembly and expressed his pleasure.
The day of 1st February, 2006 with puff of soft cold air of winter was the day full of thrill and enjoyment under the banner of annual sport day. Sport festival was inaugurated with flame of torch (Mashal) by Pujya Bhaktitanaydasji Swami. In all 2498 students from primary school (Gujarati) and secondary school (English) participated in 29 sports of gymnastics, athletics, intellectual, individual and group games. All students, staff and visitor enjoyed all sport events.
In the end, Sadguru Purani Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami blessed all participants and both the principals of Gujarati and English school congratulated all 115 winners & participants and expressed thanks to staff for their significant role to arrange the whole incident successfully.
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