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Various educational and spiritual activities were held at Gurukul Taravada for the benefit of students of B.ed, PTC and Primary school.
For the physical and mental development of students sports day were celebrated including various games.
Under the guidance of saints and teachers students participated in various games enthusiastically and exhibited their talents.
Sports days were held for PTC students during 01-02 December, for B.Ed students during 08-09 December and for primary students during 18-19 December, 2006.
PTC College - Sports Day
B.Ed College - Sports Day
Primary School - Sports Day
Every year, incessant Dhoon for one month is arranged at Gurukul Taravada. This year Dhoon is set during Dhanurmas (16 December, 2006 to 14 January, 2007). A Shobha-yatra was arranged in village Taravada. At Gurukul, incessant Dhoon and Mantra-Lekhan was started for one month. Every day devotees from surrounding village will participate for one day.
PTC Intership & Science Quiz
PTC students arranged an internship project in the rural area of Saurastra. Including literacy movement for uneducated people, street show, cleaning awareness students of Gurukul Taravada successfully set entire schedule.
A science quiz was arranged for the students of primary school (Std. I to V) on 07 December, 2006.
A Teaching & learning project was arranged for the students of B.ed to cultivate them for better methodology in teaching and learning.
For the entertainment purpose for the students of Gurukul Taravada a fun-park is set up in the campus of Gurukul. It was kept opened ceremoniously with the holy hand s of Pujya Shree Hariprasaddasji Swami and Sadguru Purani Shree Devprasaddasji Swami on 15 December, 2006. Various playing gizmos are placed for the entertainment.

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