Kala Shibir - Gurukul Chharodi

For the overall development of human life simultaneously with academic education an art is also an integral part. Art is more than just a luxury, you see, art is a vital ingredient in the lives of human being. Why, because it's the spectrum of colors and patterns that drive your mind to create a new world. Art can offer so much unique and yet extravagant looks at life. If you think about it, life is all one mural. "Life is a work of art." Keeping that concept in mind Shree Swaminarayan Vishwavidyalaya Pratisthana (S.G.V.P.), Chharodi, Ahmedabad has organized one day Kalashibir on 14th February 2004. This Shibir was the new experiment introduced by the S.G.V.P. for the first time with the help and cooperation of Shri Hemant Pandya to derive the student’s inherent capabilities in the field of art through an interaction with the nation and world’s renounced painting artists.

On this occasion various artists such as Shri Gajendra Shah, Shri Natubhai Mistry, Shri Bhanubhai Shah, Shri Chandrakant Kansara, Shri Vraj Mistry, Shri Arvind Patel, Shri Anant Mehta, Shri Milan Desai, Shri Hindol Bhrambhatt, Shri Vinod Patel, Shri Bansi Khatri, Shri Nilesh Suthar were invited and all were provided with the Canvas and Acrylic colours through which they have painted at least one painting of their interest. Various painting such as landscape, portraits, still life, real life were created on this occasion. Many students of Chharodi International School have also participated. On that day one fascinating incidence was arose when the student of just 1st standard and the world’s famous artists were drawing their paintings sitting together on the same platform.

This was the great day in itself as the day chosen was the Valentine day; the whole world was celebrating the Valentine day in their own fashion however on the other side the S.G.V.P. family was imbibing the great virtues from the artists through their creations. The paintings created during this shibir will be shown through this website in near future. Around five hundred students have participated and enjoyed the occasion. Invited artists have presented awards, certificates and prizes to the students those who have secured good result in their specific art field. Sdg. Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami had honored invitee artists by presenting shawl and garland.

Such type of shibir was the first in its kind conducted by the S.G.V.P. and proved to be a great success praised by the invited artists and gave their constructive suggestion to arrange an exhibition for the presentation of these creations among the larger community and also insisted to arrange such type of shibirs in regular intervals.

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