Inspection by Mr. Francis Fanthome(CEO,ICSE)-SGVP Chharodi

Academic year 2003-04 has proved to be a historic year as the school has received accreditation from CITA & SACS. Adding to the list, SGVP International School will soon be a distinct school to be affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE). In this regard, on 19th February, Mr. Francis Fanthome, C.E.O (ICSE) visited and reviewed the standards of SGVP.

The uniqueness and the spiritual ambience of SGVP prompted Mr. Fanthome to pay a visit personally instead of sending his delegates from ICSE as the normal custom. Mr. Fanthome observed the functioning of the school very zealously. He was overwhelmed to see the gigantic structures, facilities, high standards and quality services. He was moved by, being lionized by the saints, Dr Ravi Bhai and the Principal. In his address to the assembly, he urged the students to keep pursuing their goals with paramount efforts and to learn something from each and every little thing. He encouraged them to serve the society like a candle to light up the lives of others. His speech lifted the spirit of educators high when he mentioned that he entered the field of education as a primary teacher. He said that the aim of ICSE is to develop individuals who can provide ‘high quality delivery’ to the society. He mentioned the names of cricketers, atheletes and other sports persons who had one thing in common that they all were from ICSE schools. He appreciated various elements of the Assembly, the values and the spiritualism practiced in the school. A variety of projects and working models displayed in the exhibition fascinated him. It’s a matter of great pride for SGVP that inspite of his busy schedule, he took time specially to come back in the evening to gain the blessings of reverent saints. In a nutshell, ICSE board appreciated and acknowledged the high standards of SGVP.

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