Guest :Captain Jon McBride a former astronaut from NASA, 2012

How does it feel if a school student gets a chance to hear firsthand experience of the space from an astronaut? And how does it thrill if the student is as small as 8 years old and the astronaut as big as “Big Jon” Jon McBride? The students of SGVP are eager to answer these questions because they have been fortunate enough to listen to and to interact with Captain Jon McBride on Thursday, the March, 29th, 2012. Captain Jon McBride, a former astronaut from NASA, was the pilot of STS 41-G, launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on October 5, 1984, aboard the orbiter Challenger. He was scheduled to fly in March 1986, as commander of the STS 61-E crew. NASA cancelled the flight in the wake of the fatal Challenger accident in January 1986.Jon McBride adorned the SGVP assembly and shared his thrilling space experience with SGVPians. He explained how long it takes to take a round of the Earth and why; how our India looks from the space; the number of sun-rises and sun-sets he experienced while taking a round of the Earth. A witty and humble Captain McBride never forgot to mention the names and works of his friends of Indian origin: Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams. He narrated the story when President Jon F Kennedy had come to his school and inspired the students to be astronauts. The same way he challenged SGVP students to work hard for becoming an astronaut after 15/20 years. He motivated the young minds to study hard because without studying one cannot rise to that height. Captain McBride explained the importance of teamwork and answered the queries of the students. The President, Shastri Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami, CEO, Purani Shree BalKrishnadasji Swami, Academic Director, Shree Jaydev Sonagara and Principal, Caesar D’silva thanked Captain McBride and congratulated the students on the occasion.

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