Chaturmas Anusthan - SGVP

‘Chaturmas’ - a period of four months of Monsoon has the special importance in about all religions and Sampradays of India. Usually in all Sampraday this period is considered for the best time for Tapacharya (penance) and Anushthan (recitation) of various religious activities.

Scientifically and physically also during this time of monsoon, digestive power of the body becomes lower than other seasons. So it is better to have lessened food to keep body well and free from diseases.

Divine Darshan

According to Indian almanac the month of Vaishakh and Jeshtha are considered to be the months of summer. During this period the heat of summer is at its climax. Especially, during such summer time the devotees of Bhakti Sampraday offer to God the dresses made up of sandalwood paste and flowers just to provide a comfort of cooling. The Darshan of God in these dresses is divine and attractive. In Gurukul and temples the dresses made up of sandalwood paste and flowers are offered to Ghanshyam Maharaj and deities.

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