Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam

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“Dhanurmas” is celebrated to commemorate the event of Bhagawan Shree Krishna and Balram’s stayed in Rishi Sandipani’s Ashram for learning 64 Vidya of life. Thus, this holy month is religiously known to acquire the knowledge and wisdom. The very source of it is our Indian scriptures. Moreover, in Indian culture all holy events are associated with the ritual of donation, to help the needy or social welfare activities.
During the Dhanurmas, Dec 16 to Jan 14, 2010, Katha – discourses on various scriptures was held along with various social and religious activities.
At Gurukul Ahmedabad Pujya Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami delivered the Katha on ‘Bhaktinidhi. Shree Shamji Bhagat delivered the Katha on Sneh Geeta. Both the scriptures are written Sadguru Shree Nishkulanad Swami. Shastri Shree Dharmavatsal Swami delivered the Katha on tenth Canto of Shreemad Bhagawat.
During the Dhanurmas various inspiring activities were held.
Purani Shree Balkrishandasji Swami : Bhaktinidhi Katha
Parshad Shree Shamji Bhagat : Sneh Geeta
Shastri Shree Dharmavallabhdasji Swami : Dasham Scanth Katha
Pujya Purani Swami Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji Swami performed the Anushthan of Poojan with thousand TUlasi-Patra
Dec 18 : Visit to Cancer Hospital
saints, staff and students visited the Cancer Hospital, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. They visited several departments and learnt about the causes and treatment of cancer. With fruits, juices, prayer and consolation they spent time wht cancer patients. On observing the painful situations of patients and their family they took a vow to stop people from and smoking and using tobacco
Dec 19 : Visit to Old Age Home
Students visited the “Jivan Sandhyan”, the Old Age Home, Naranpura. They mingled with them with fruits & flowers and listened to their problem of life and consoled them with prayer to Almighty Bhagawan Shree Swaminarayan. Students were convinced that the Old Age Home is not a good sign of healthy society.
Dec 20 : Group mahapooja
Students participated in the group Mahapooja.
Dec 22 : Shree MahaVishnu Yag
Shree MahaVishnu Yag was performed and students, staff and saints offered the Ahuties with recitation of Vishnu-Sahasra Nam, Jan-Mangal and vedic stotras.
Dec 22 : Visit to Mentally Challenged Children Home
To create the citizen understanding the feelings and needs of weak and needy people and take care of them by accepting them as a part of their society, the staff and students visited Mentally Challenged Children’s Home, The Sharda Mansik Swathya Kendra, Ambli, Bopal. They were welcomed by auspicious welcome song performed by the children of home.
Guava, Green Gram & Sugarcane Festival
To enjoy the seasonal fruits, saints & students celebrated the Guava (Jamfal) Festival (17th December, 2009) Green Gram (Roasted) & sugarcane Festival (22nd December, 2009).
06 Jan  : Students visited the Panjarapol, asylum for crippled – weak animals and distributed the grass.
07 Jan : An annkut was arranged with the home made dishes.
The inspiring job was done when students distributed the all dishes among poor and needy peoples.
09 Jan : Vyasan Mukti
In a villages called Oganoj, students moved door-to-door and explained the villagers the painful position of any drug addict. Many villagers gave up their habits. In the evening an open function was organised to inform the villagers with audio-visual aid and speech. This movement resulted as a very successful event.
10 Jan : Mantra Lekhan               Saints and students performed the 12 Hours incessantly 
12 Jan : Fal Kut 
12 Jan : Saint Padharamani : Students decorated their rooms and invited saints for the padharamni.
Janmotsav : During the Katha of Dasham-Scandh, Shree Krushn-Janma Utsav was celebrated.