Academic Result 2004 - 05

The quality education with culture is the aim and speciality of Gurukul. Gujarati, English and Sanskrit medium schools and colleges which are conducted by Gurukul always hold the top-rank position in board exams. During the year 2004-05 of Board exams the students of Gurukul secured their positions in top-ten. They also heighten the glory of Gurukul by winning gold medals at National level. Sadguru Mahant Swami Shree Devkrishnadasji Swami and Sadguru Shastri Swami Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami conveyed  congratulations and blessings to them.

Gurukul Rajkot

Result : School - 91%, Hostel - 97%

1st Rakholiya Dhruv M. (91.00%)

2nd Nasit Chetan D. (90.42%)

3rd Gambhava Jigar A. (87.42%)

Rakholiya Dhruv M. (Maths-99%)
Nasit Chetan D.    (Computer-100%)

Gurukul Junagadh

Result : School - 94%, Hostel - 95%

1st (Baldaniya Krunal A. - 93.14% 6th in Junagadh center)

2nd (Chovatiya Tejas G. - 92.43% 7th in Junagadh center)

3rd (Nimbard Biraju D. - 90.96%)

Gurukul Ahmedabad

Result : XII (Com.) - 97%, TYBCom. - 100 %
1st (Chauhan Hitesh H. - 88.00%)
2nd (Desai Vijay J. - 87.67%)
3rd (Khunt Dilip G. - 86.00%)

1st (Patel Dinesh H. - 71.00%)
2nd (Kanzariya Harish S. 65.00%)
3rd (Ladumore Lalji M. - 65.00%)

Gurukul Surat

Result : School - 94%, Hostel - 97%

1st (Vasani Hiren K. - 92.57% 9th in Surat center)

2nd (Patel Jitendra J. - 91.43%)

3rd (Variya Pratik G. - 90.29%)

Gurukul Hyderabad-CBSE

Result:CBSE-100%, State Board(VII)-100%, State Board(X)-100%

1st (Vasani Devang - 89.40% Hindi - 96%  

2nd (Radadiya Chirag - 79.40%, Maths-Science - 94%)

3rd (Kanani Parth - 79.20%, Science - 91%)

34 students (Distinction Class)     
12 students (First Class)     
17 students acquired more than 90% Marks in Maths

AP State Board  (X)

1st (B. Sandeep - 76.17%
2nd (G. Prashant Reddy - 74.50%)
3rd (C. Charan Teja - 70.17%)

AP State Board (VII)
1st (Vamshi H Reddy - 85.00%)
2nd (Jaya Ramkrishna Reddy - 84.67%)
3rd (B.Gautam Reddy - 83.33%)

Gurukul Chharodi (SGVP)

Result: CBSE(Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalay)-X to XII-100%

The studies right form Std. 6th to Acharya (MA) are conducted in ‘Darshnam’ Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya at Gurukul Chharodi (SGVP). ‘Darshnam’ got recognition form Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi. Under the circumstances, the convocation of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan was held up for two years after getting the status of recognized university by UGC. In the current year the first convocation of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan was organized on 29th July, 2005 at New Delhi.
In the exam of Acharya (year 2002-03) Shree Brahmaswarupdasji Swami of Darshnam Sanskrit Mahavidyalya secured the first rank on national level and so he has been awarded the gold medal and the title of Acharya. In the same year, Shree Dharmnandandasji Swami passed the exam of Acharya with distinction and so he received the title of Acharya.
The gold medal is awarded to Vyas Tushar N. on national level in the exam of Std. 8 (Prathma-board exam) conducted in the year 2002-03. Trivedi Bhagirath R. got an honour of receiving gold medal on national level for the exam of Std. 8 (Prathma-board exam) conducted in the year 2003-04.
These gold medals had been awarded by Human Resource Development Minister Shree Arjunsingh. The chancellor Shree V. Kutumbashastri had taken from them a formal oath.
Thus, in the span of six years of ‘Darshnam’ Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya the students received in aggregate 7 gold medals, one silver medal and 2 bronze medals in board exams and national level competitions.

CBSE Board Exam (X)

1st (Vyas Tushar N. - 75.73%)

2nd (Joshi Dharam - 71.13%)
3rd (Upaddhyay Brijesh - 66.33%)

CBSE Board Exam (XI)     
1st (Sadhu Nirajandas Swami - 75.83%)
2nd (Bharad Mehul M. - 75.10%)
3rd (Sadhu Nilkanthdas Swami - 74.83%)

CBSE Board Exam (XII)     
1st (Joshi Vijay - 75.33%)
2nd (Joshi Bhavesh - 73.16%)
3rd (Vyas Harivansh - 72.33%)

Gurukul Taravada

Result:PTC(I)-100%, PTC(II)-100%, B.Ed.-100%
PTC (Ist year)     

1st (Umaradiya Ashok M. - 86.00% 7th in Board)
2nd (Borad Tushar B. - 83.47%)
3rd (Dudhat Jayes J. - 83.05%)

PTC (IInd  year)     

1st (Shekhada Yogesh H.  - 85.30% 7th in Board)
2nd (Gohil Bhavesh J. - 84.20%)
3rd (Vala Shantilal V.- 84.00%)

B.Ed. (First Board Exam)
1st (Khetani Shreyash A. - 91.45%)
2nd (Bhatt Hiren D. - 90.81%)
3rd (Pandya Paresh S. - 90.09%)     

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