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The inspiration for spiritual uplift is given in Indian spiritual tradition by self study. Satsand and devotion. Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan described the extraordinary methods of Satsang and devotion. The journey from human being to Supreme Being is termed as spiritual journey goes on as per the inner faith of every person.

The celebrations, religious discourse, Satsang camps, Gyansatra, Brahmsatra and Yuva Satsang are conducted by Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul for spiritual growth of children, youngsters and females. The training of spiritual development is given to devoted saints by Satsang Sadhna Shibir. On the first Sunday of every month many youngsters taste the Vachanamrit-based nectar of spirituality which is delivered by Pujya Purani Shree Hariswaroopdasji Swami.

The construction and renovation of 160 Harimandirs in villages have been done to provide the facility for perfoming religious rites and for singing devotional songs. Many devotional Yagnas, Anushthans and Mahavishnuyaags are organized in which devotees in large numbers got advantage.

The Campaign to deal with the problem of addition is carried out from time to time in which many people get inspiration and they become free from addiction. The publication of books is going on for the availability of the scriptures of the sect. The stream of scriptures is flowing incesssantly and the audio CD, Video CD, DVD, MP3, Books, Gurukul Darshan etc. are available all the time.

Interfaith Harmony

The great saints of Indian holy tradition said, "One truth is described in many ways"
The learned persons described one truth in many ways. The betterment of the world is possible by the integration of various religions. The human race should leave the misleading notion that his religion is great only and learn the act of giving respect to the beliefs of each other.

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